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Wooforia is our small, family-owned doggy day care located in Montgomery, Illinois, and we are committed to treating pets like family. We have been Montgomery residents for almost 30 years, we like the Village and its residents and decided to start our business here. As our business grows, we plan to hire locally if we find candidates who share our love for animals and are committed to their well-being.


As our name suggests, we provide an environment where “woofers” have fun. Our custom made building is designed with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind. Indoor and outdoor play areas offer ample activity and exercise opportunities. Internet based cameras allow pet parents to check on their animals’ progress during the day. Our facility will not exceed 20 dog occupancy at any time. We want to keep it small enough for the dogs to relax and feel at home and at the same time big enough for them to be able to socialize and make friends.


The founder of Wooforia has a long history of taking care of dogs. She has volunteered in shelters from adolescence to adulthood. Adopt, Kendall County Animal Control, Just Giants, Starfish just to name a few.

This has given her very valuable experience to confidently handle many dogs at the same time. She has worked as a bather at Pet Supplies Plus and as a pet sitter on the side. She understands that like humans, dogs have their own personalities. In knowing, she plans to group dogs together not just based on size but also based on demeanor.  She will accomplish this by taking the needed time to assess every new pet that enrolls in our program. Above all, her goal is to stick to the dog’s routine as much as possible.

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