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At Wooforia, Safety Is Our #1 Priority. Our goal is to create a clean and loving environment where every pup feels safe and welcomed and to give our pet parents piece of mind that their pup will be happy and well taken care of in our care.


Our commitment to safety is uncompromising.  Below is a list of policies and procedures to ensure your pup is safe and healthy every day they’re with us:

Extensive Evaluation Process
All pups enrolled in our daycare program must pass our behavior assessment before joining the Wooforia family.  Our Meet and Greet Assessment includes vaccination confirmation, review of history and health, and an evaluation of your pup in our open-play environment with other dogs of different sizes and temperaments. 

Low Pup-to-Staff Ratio
We limit the number of furry friends we care for to only 20 at any given time so we can provide the love and attention each richly deserves.  

Playgroup Assignments
We assign pups to playgroups matching age, size, and playstyle to keep play safe and fun for every furry friend.

100% Supervised Play
Pups are never left alone with another furry friend or unattended in playgroups to ensure their safety.

Private Doggy Crates 
All pups have access to their own private space for times they need a little “me” time.  These private crates give pups a safe place to rest, relax, feed and feel comfortable away from the group.

Dedicated Rest Time 
Maintaining a healthy balance of rest and play is important for your pup’s physical, mental, and social health. Extra rest helps pups unwind so they don’t become overstimulated or over-aroused during play, plus it can help them avoid physical injury.

Dog-Safe Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting  
We clean and sanitize all play and rest areas regularly every day using veterinary-grade cleaners and disinfectants.  This helps us ensure a safe, clean, and sanitized facility that reduces the risk of spreading infectious diseases.

Climate-Controlled HVAC Systems  
Our HVAC system keeps our facility’s air fresh and clean and ensures your pup plays and naps at the perfect temperature every day.

We offer webcams in every playroom so you can watch your pup play throughout the day.

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