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Unfortunately, there are places you just can’t bring your pup with you.  Maybe it’s a business trip, a stint at the hospital or an extended family vacation overseas. There are also times when it’s just too stressful for your furry family member to be home, such as renovations around the house, a kid’s sleepover, fireworks on the 4th, or an evening with friends.

Our boarding facility is fully equipped to handle dogs of all shapes and sizes. Pups boarding with us will enjoy a full day of playing with other furry friends from our daycare. There will also be plenty of time for naps and breaks, should they require them. 


After a full day of exercise and fun, your pup will be ready to go to bed. They'll sleep in our private doggy crates in the same room they were playing in earlier in the day so they feel safe and comfortable. 


Our top priority will be to make sure your pup feels happy, safe and fulfilled in the times when you can’t be with them. Wooforia will be their home away from home each and every day you are away.


Before your pup starts their boarding stay, a member of our team will conduct a Meet and Greet Assessment. During the session we will evaluate your pup, confirm all vaccinations are up to date and answer all your questions.


Next, we require you to bring your pup to our location for daycare prior to an overnight or extended stay. We recommend at least one to three days of daycare prior to your pup’s overnight stay. The daycare visit is an opportunity for your pup to become familiar with our facility and have a better overall experience. Additionally, your pup will become comfortable with our staff, and learn that you will be coming back to bring them home.  After completing these steps, it’s time for your pup to enjoy their staycation!

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