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When people walk into Wooforia, we want them to feel confident that their pup will be loved and taken care of like family. As such we are striving to be the type of business that meets both the dogs and their owner’s needs. It is our goal to give them a fun tail-wagging experience to "woof" home about.

Our playroom is designed to help dogs run around and have fun while keeping their safety in mind. We want enough dogs so they can socialize, but not so many that we can't give them the individual attention they deserve. Our boarding room will be both the sleeping quarters, where we will have crates for dogs that enjoy going to their crate at night as well as the playroom stocked up with bedding for dogs that find crating uncomfortable. 

Our grooming room is built to help dogs get comfortable while getting bathed. We have got a nice mobile shower head that has different water current settings depending on the dogs likes. We will have shampoos stocked as well for a variety of smells and fur coats textures.  

Our outdoor play area is enclosed with an 8ft tall privacy fence. This allows them to play safely outside while being supervised. The building is surrounded by almost an acre of grass lawn that is well suited for walks. 

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